Global Vision Correction Month

July is Global Vision Correction Month

Members of the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA), a global professional organization of leading eye surgeons, will celebrate Global Vision Correction Month by sharing their own vision correction surgery to raise awareness on social media, television and on the web.

The idea of doctors and surgeons sharing their own surgical experience is novel. “At Williamson Eye Center we perform surgery on many professional athletes, and lots of people hear about that. What they don’t often hear about is how often eye surgeons elect to have laser vision correction on themselves, which is reported to be 5x more often than the general public. This is because we know more than anyone how impactful modern vision correction is. It is truly transformational, often restoring vision to a level considered to be better than perfect or superhuman,” says RSA member Blake Williamson, MD.

Blake Williamson MD Discusses #GlobalVisionCorreciton Month on WBRZ TV News.

Vision correction impacts people around the globe because of the functional benefits it provides. First-responders, military, actors, athletes, and television personalities are especially likely to have vision correction. Vision correction is increasingly common in the developing world as well, permanently replacing the need for glasses and improving opportunities for jobs and education.

“Vision Correction should not be confused with glasses and contact lenses,” according to Guy Kezirian, MD, MBA, RSA Founder. “Glasses and contacts can be effective, but are not permanent solutions and they can be expensive and burdensome to one’s lifestyle. Vision correction surgery delivers true, permanent results and is often less costly over time than glasses and contacts while providing immeasurable lifestyle and safety benefits.”

“Vision correction goes well beyond LASIK,” continues Dr. Kezirian. “In fact, there are 8 types of vision correction procedures: LASIK, Surface Ablation, SMILE, Refractive Cataract Surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange, Phakic Intraocular Lenses, Corneal Inlays, and Corneal Crosslinking.”

The month of July marks 20 years since the FDA Advisory Panel recommended LASIK for approval. “We can confidently say that Vision Correction Surgery has evolved over the last 20 years – just as much as cell phones, cars and televisions have evolved – it is extraordinary.”

“The Zaldivar Institute in Mendoza, Argentina has been involved in research and development of procedures for decades,” says Roger Zaldivar, MD, MBA RSA President. “Modern Vision Correction is truly advanced. We have many procedures, and we can treat adults of all ages. LASIK is the most studied procedure in all of medicine, and now we can even correct reading vision in middle age with lens procedures. The impact of our work is very positive. I am honored to be involved with this amazing organization, the RSA.”

RSA Member practices around the world will celebrate Global Vision Correction Month by performing surgery on fellow eye surgeons, optometrists, family members and the people in their communities and then sharing these experiences on all forms of media. Participating RSA Members include:

Juan Arbelaez, MD – Muscat Eye Laser Center, Oman
Shamik Bafna, MD – Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center, USA
Christian Becker, MD – La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral, Peru
Donald Benefield, MD – Benefield Eye Care PC, USA
Marc Bosem, MD – CorrectVision Laser Institute, USA
Kasey Brown, DO – ClearSight LASIK, USA
Francesco Carones, MD – Carones Vision, Italy
Mohsin Cheema, MD – Mohsin M Cheema, MD, PC, USA
Y. Ralph Chu, MD – Chu Vision Institute, USA
Lourens Coetzee, MD – Envision Centre for Sight, South Africa
Arthur Cummings, MD – Wellington Eye Clinic, Ireland
Michelle Diaz, MD – Atlantic Eye Institute, USA
Paul Dougherty, MD – Dougherty Laser Vision, USA
Daniel Durrie, MD – Durrie Vision, USA
Charles Duss, MD – Atlantic Eye Institute, USA
Mohamed E. Elghobaier, MD, PhD – Oyoun Masr Center for LASIK & Eye Surgery, Egypt
Ella Faktorovich, MD – Pacific Vision Institute, USA
Gregory Hayden, MD – Hayden Vision, USA
Carolyn Hebson, MD – VisionFirst Eye Center, USA
Nathan Henson, MD – La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral, Peru
Phillip Hoopes Sr, MD, MBA – Hoopes Vision, USA
Mitch Jackson, MD – Jacksoneye, USA
Tyrie Jenkins, MD – Jenkins Eye Care, USA
Dylan Joseph, MD – Dr Dylan Joseph, South Africa
Baseer Khan, MD – Clarity Eye Institute, Canada
Guy Kezirian, MD, MBA – SurgiVision Consultants, Inc, USA
Lance Kugler, MD – Kugler Vision, USA
Scott Lawrence, MD – Discovery Eye Center, Ethiopia
Robert Lin, MD – IQ Laser Vision, USA
Carlos De Lara Manrique, MD – Manrique Custom Vision, USA
Lisa McIntire, MD – Heart of Texas Eye Institute, USA
Samir Melki, MD, PhD – Boston Laser, USA
Satish Modi, MD – Seeta Eye Centers, USA
Jamie Monroe, MD – Cataract & Lasik Center of Utah, USA
Majid Moshirfar, MD – Hoopes Vision, USA
Brett Mueller II, MD, PhD – Parkhurst NuVision, USA
G. Peyton Neatrour, MD – Beach Eye Care, USA
Richard Norden, MD – Norden Laser Eye Associates, USA
Gregory Parkhurst, MD – Parkhurst NuVision, USA
Precious Phatudi, MD – Advanced Soweto Day Hospital, South Africa
Asim Piracha, MD – John Kenyon Eye Center, USA
Isaac Porter, MD – Porter Ophthalmology, USA
R. Luke Rebenitsch, MD – Clearsight LASIK, USA
Jeffrey Robin, MD – CorrectVision Laser Institute, USA
Roy Rubinfeld, MD – ReVision, USA
Jay Rudd, MD – Aurora LASIK, USA
Mark Schneider, MD – TriCounty Eye Institute, USA
Evan Schoenberg, MD – Georgia Eye Partners, USA
David Shoemaker, MD – Center for Sight, USA
Jonathan Solomon, MD – Solomon Eye Associates, Physicians & Surgeons, USA
Jason Stahl, MD – Durrie Vision, USA
Raymond Stein, MD – Bochner Eye Institute, Canada
Suphi Taneri, MD – Zentrum für Refraktive Chirurgie, Germany
Shachar Tauber, MD – Mercy Clinic Eye Specialists, USA
Alison Tendler, MD – ART Vision & ARTISAN Skin and Laser Center, USA
Aaron Waite, MD – Waite Vision, USA
David Wallace, MD – LA Sight, USA
Ming Wang, MD, PhD – Wang Vision Institute, PLLC, USA
George O. Waring IV, MD – Waring Vision Institute, USA
Robert Weinstock, MD – The Eye Institute of West Florida, USA
Mark Whitten, MD – Whitten Laser Eye, USA
William Wiley, MD – Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center, USA
Charles Williamson, MD – Williamson Eye Center, USA
Blake Williamson, MD, MPH, MS – Williamson Eye Center, USA
Roger Zaldivar, MD – Instituto Zaldivar SA, Argentina

The RSA is also inviting the public to upload videos about their experience with vision correction during Global Vision Correction Month.

Uploads your videos of your Vision Correction Experience  Here