LASIK Myths Videos

MYTH:  LASIK is Risky and Unproven

FACT:  LASIK is The Most Studied Elective Procedure in All of Medicine

MYTH:  Refractive Surgeons Won’t Have LASIK Done on Themselves 

FACT:  63% of Refractive Surgeons Have Had LASIK Done on Themselves

MYTH:  LASIK Makes your Night Vision Worse

FACT:  LASIK Does Not Affect Night Vision, and May Even Improve it 

MYTH:  Having LASIK Can Make Your Myopia Worse

FACT:  Myopia Typically Doesn’t Progress After Having LASIK

MYTH:  It Is Unsafe to Fly Following LASIK

FACT:  LASIK Has Been Approved for All Flight Activities

MYTH:  LASIK Causes Dry Eye

FACT:  Dryness is Reduced Over Time After LASIK.

MYTH:  The Implantable Contact Lens Cause Cataracts

FACT:  Complications are Rare. Fewer than 1% of Patients Develop a Cataract, and These are Easily Fixed.

MYTH:  LASIK Cannot be Performed After Age 40

FACT:  LASIK is one of several procedures used to successfully treat presbyopia, which is the loss of the ability to see at near after age 40